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Magic: The Gathering – Set Release July/August (TBC)

July 1

Sometime in July-August, there is a highly anticipated new set of Magic the Gathering called Bloomburrow. Set on a world filled with anthropomorphic animals and no humans. These animals have advanced culture, they wear clothes, talk and wield magic. We will give clarification on when this STA will take place when we know the release dates, these have not been confirmed yet!

This is for you if….

  • You love Trading Card Games (TCG)
  • You love animals and want to experience an awesome story by the creators of Dungeons and Dragons
  • You want to learn from experienced TCG players

When and where

This STA will run around July or August, exact date will be announced once we know the release date.

What’s included:

  • Accommodation
  • 24/7 Support by our experienced COACHES
  • Convention entry
  • Meals and travel

Why and Outcomes

Our STA Holiday Program is crafted to enhance your card game expertise. TCG’s are well known for applying many useful skills for the real world, including Mathematics, Communication and Social skills, Strategic/Critical Thinking, Patience and Persistence, Memory Recollection and many more.

  • Community – Connect with fellow CREW to establish a fresh network of industry experts within the TCG community.
  • Career – Acquire career-oriented skills specific to the TCG industries and explore various entry points in this domain.
  • Capacity Building – Develop independence by adhering to our pre-planned schedule, cultivate interpersonal skills through engaging in card games, and refine social skills for comprehensive personal growth.


At the MTG Set Release

Sealed MTG Pre-Release

We will attend our local TCG store a few times a day over the weekend and be a part of the pre-release of the new set! Each time we will get a Kit, with a dice, a promotional card and 6 packs to build our own deck (with help from the coaches and staff if requested). We will then be paired up with 3 opponents and if any players win all 3 of their games, they will win a prize Collector Pack valued at up to $50!


Over the course of the Holiday Program we will also do more fun activities such as; going to gaming cafes/bars like Fortress, going to gaming arcades and going to the cinema. More activities to be announced when a confirmed date is locked in for the Release. Stay tuned!


Email us at: for more information or to sign up today!


July 1