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Animaga ’24 STA Holiday Program

August 23 @ 10:00 am - August 26 @ 5:00 pm

 Animaga is Melbourne’s annual Anime, Manga, and Gaming convention. This NDIS Short Term Accommodation (STA) program is sure to be a great long weekend for Anime fans. 

This is for you if….  

  • You love Anime, Manga and Japanese Games  
  • Want to build expand your fandom and gaming community  
  • You love cosplay and want to learn more about this niche area  

When and where

This Program will run: August 23rd – August 26th 2024 and the event will take place at Melbourne exhibition centre.   

What’s included:  

  • Accommodation   
  • 24/7 Support by our experienced COACHES  
  • Convention entry  
  • Meals and travel   

Why and Outcomes  

Our STA Holiday Program is crafted to enhance your tabletop gaming proficiency, concurrently fostering personal strengths, and instilling valuable career and social skills: 

  • Community – Connect with fellow CREW to establish a fresh network of industry experts within the Anime and Fandom spaces.  
  • Career – Acquire career-oriented skills specific to the Cosplay and Event Coordination industry and explore various entry points in this domain.  
  • Capacity Building – Develop independence by adhering to our pre-planned schedule, cultivate interpersonal skills through engaging in all of Animanga’s attractions, and refine social skills for comprehensive personal growth.  

At Animaga

Cosplay Activities 

Cosplay (Costume Play) is a hobby wherein participants seek to emulate some of their favourite pop-culture icons through imitation and creative self-representation. Animaga will host a variety of costume contests, costume workshops and will feature myriad professional Cosplayers! 


A variety of special guests will be in attendance this year! (TBA) From Vtubers, to Gunpla enthusiasts, Animaga will surely thrill us with its awesome attendees! 

Plamo Workshops 

Pla-Mo (Plastic Model) workshopping is a hobby wherein plastic models from a variety of IP’s and sources are assembled individually, and painted to the artist’s desire. Animaga is excellent, as it allows for this normally individual hobby to take place in a collaborative group setting. 

Drawing Area 

This space is designed for all of Animaga’s artwork enthusiasts. Come along to try out a new art style, or learn tips and tricks from other aspiring artists. Those of us less illustration-inclined will enjoy also, as this living, vibrant art gallery expands before our eyes. 

Animaga Idol! 

The Animaga Idol singing competition is the ultimate event, for singing and cosplay fans alike. Come see some of the most talented vocalists and cosplayers duke it out to see who is crowned 2024’s Animaga Idol!  

Email us at: for more information or to sign up today! 


August 23 @ 10:00 am
August 26 @ 5:00 pm