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Conquest ’24 – Melbourne STA Program

March 28 @ 10:00 am - March 31 @ 5:00 pm

Conquest is Melbourne’s annual tabletop games convention. Run by gamers, for gamers! Set over four days this convention is sure to meet all of those tabletop passions. This NDIS Short Term Accommodation (STA) program is sure to be a great long weekend for tabletop lovers.

This is for you if…. 

  • You love tabletop gaming 
  • Want to build expand your tabletop gaming community 
  • You love miniatures and want to learn more about this niche area 

When and where

This Holiday Program will run over the Easter holiday weekend: March 28th – March 31st 2024 and the event will take place at Melbourne exhibition centre.  

What’s included

  • Accommodation  
  • 24/7 Support by our experienced COACHES 
  • Convention entry 
  • Meals and travel  

Why and Outcomes 

Our STA Holiday Program is crafted to enhance your tabletop gaming proficiency, concurrently fostering personal strengths and instilling valuable career and social skills:

  • Community – Connect with fellow CREW to establish a fresh network of industry experts within the tabletop gaming space. 
  • Career – Acquire career-oriented skills specific to the tabletop industry and explore various entry points in this domain. 
  • Capacity Building – Develop independence by adhering to our pre-planned schedule, cultivate interpersonal skills through engaging in tabletop games, and refine social skills for comprehensive personal growth. 

At the Conquest convention

Tabletop RPGs (role playing games) 

Tabletop RPGs are the most common type of event at Conquest Games Convention. 

‘Tabletop’ gaming has been the traditional dice & paper type of roleplaying game that many con-goers are familiar with. As roleplaying has evolved, it has grown to include systemless and multiform games – games without dice, and in some cases even without a table. 

 Some of the most well-known tabletop role-playing games include Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and Call of Cthulhu. Games such as these can be played all Easter weekend at Conquest! 

Freeform RPGs 

Freeform RPGs (also known as Parlour LARPs) usually involve large groups of people per session. Usually there’s more than 6, and sometimes more than 20. 

In a typical freeform rpg, all players gather into one large room or open space for the game session. 

In freeform games, emphasis is on character interaction rather than dice-based gaming. 

Costumes are usually not required, but are encouraged. 

Miniatures Games 

Miniatures games are just like the description sounds; games that involve miniature models. Tiny tanks, soldiers, and scenery are spread out in an amazing display across large tables. 

For those that like their games tactical, there will be a selection of wargames and miniature events spanning the weekend. These may require BYO miniatures, so best to check if you aren’t sure. 

Board Games & Card Games 

Come and play board games and card games such as MTG (Magic.. The Gathering), Yugio, Pokemon and more  over the Easter long weekend in Melbourne.  Bring your own decks for an awesome weekend! 

Open Gaming 

Open gaming sessions do not require any pre-booking – These attractions can be attended at any time at the convention, access is included with your entry fee. 

Multiplayer Video Games 

Although Conquest are mostly well-known as a tabletop games convention, Conquest also welcomes multiplayer video games that are played in the same room. 

Email us at: for more information or to sign up today!


March 28 @ 10:00 am
March 31 @ 5:00 pm
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