Conquest ’24 – Melbourne STA Program

Conquest is Melbourne's annual tabletop games convention. Run by gamers, for gamers! Set over four days this convention is sure to meet all of those tabletop passions. This NDIS Short Term Accommodation (STA) program is sure to be a great long weekend for tabletop lovers. This is for you if....  You love tabletop gaming  Want […]

Battle Arena Melbourne ’24 Holiday Program

Battle Arena Melbourne (BAM) BAM is Australia’s largest National Fighting Game Major, hosting national championships across the whole fighting game community. Aimed to bring together players for fun, community, friendship and of course, competition. This is for you if.... You love Fighter Games You love high level competition You want to engage in a welcoming […]

Warhammer June ’24 Holiday Program

Warhammer is an immersive tabletop wargaming experience, combining the realms of model-making, painting, and tactical gameplay. Whether you’re new to the hobby, or returning for your next experience, this STA will cater towards any skill level.  This is for you if....   You love tabletop gaming   Want to build expand your tabletop gaming community   You love […]