Mahan Mahatma Muljono



I was born in Bekasi, Indonesia. I’d describe myself as an affable person, a gamer, an overthinker, and a man of few words. I am a 3D Modeller/Artist who is learning and specializing making 3D models that looks as close as possible to 2D art and form using Blender, but also can do general 3D modelling as well!

Fun Fact About Me

Apparently, I have +1780 hours of Blender at the time I am writing this (and even more as time goes on!).

My Greatest Achievement

All of my achievements are the greatest equally, in their own way.

Games I love


Games I love

  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • FPS
  • Helldivers
  • JRPG
  • Monster Hunter
  • RPG
  • Soulsborne
  • Survival
  • TPS

Areas I coach in


Areas I coach in

  • 3D Character Modelling
  • 3D Modelling

Things I love helping CREW develop


Crank Coach

Things I love helping CREW develop

  • Ability to Achieve Goals
  • Artistic skills
  • Gameplay skills
  • Personal Growth
  • Work & study skills