Noah Payne



I’m from Brisbane and do a lot of my work with CRANK remotely. I like to bring a sense of calm to everything I do, as well as laugh and have fun. I’m into working out, gaming, spending time with friends and loved ones, travelling and eating delicious food. Oh and I really love cinema.

Fun Fact About Me

I was a model (I technically still am) but I decided to pursue a passion for coaching Valorant as well.

My Greatest Achievement

Getting signed to IMG (top model agency in the world) and being featured in GQ magazine, as well as many others.

Games I love


Games I love

  • Valorant

Areas I coach in


Areas I coach in

  • eSports
  • Social gaming

Things I love helping CREW develop


Crank Coach

Things I love helping CREW develop

  • Gameplay skills
  • Independence skills
  • Social participation skills