Jessica Fittock



Hi, I’m Jess (formerly from Brisbane). I’m an organised, professional, coffee-addicted, jack-of-all-trades with a dark sense of humour. I’m here to let you know that you can be both scientific and artistic, and enjoy coding and art. I know this because that’s me!

Fun Fact About Me

I have some pretty high-tier cake decorating skills.

My Greatest Achievement

Being selected as a bridesmaid at two weddings and giving the maid of honour speech at one. Having always been a wallflower, it was very special to be recognised as a valuable friend.

Games I love


Games I love

  • Final Fantasy XIV (14)

Areas I coach in


Areas I coach in

  • Game design & development

Things I love helping CREW develop


Crank Coach

Things I love helping CREW develop

  • Independence skills
  • Mental wellbeing skills
  • Work & study skills